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Fire Retardant

easyfit fire place
  • Ultra Thin, 2mm
  • High Flexibility
  • Super Light
  • Simple and varied applicability
  • Durability and Eco efficiency
  • Transportation cost is very low
  • Simple Cutting & Packaging
  • Harder & Stronger than slate

EasyFitStone is a new innovative product that uses real stone. Stone has been used for a long time to build and decorate our homes but now we have a product that is using real stone thinly scraped off the rock face and applied to a fibreglass backing. This gives you a light flexible product that can be applied internally or externally, to walls, floors and wet rooms. This extremely versatile product is well seasoned by the elements over thousands of years therefore does not need any further protection or maintenance against sun or water.

The EasyFitStone comes in roles of 600mm x 1200mm, 2mm thick and easily adheres to different surfaces with the use of products such as PU-adhesive, Silicone and Epoxy. Stone Vaneer can be easily applied and cut using simple tile cutting blades or sheet cutting scissors.

easyfit fire retardant picture

Fire Retardant Easyfit Stone

Safety is the upmost priority in public and domestic environments and the Easyfit Stone has fulfilled this with the new Fire Retardant Veneered Stone now available.

The fire retardant is a solution that is added during the process of the stone being attached to the fibreglass. The fire retardant does not alter the look of the Easyfit Stone in any way it simply increases the thickness by 1mm and it becomes slightly less flexible for bending around pillars etc.

The Fire retardant Easfit Stone is suitable for all areas internal, external, wet and dry areas. We recommend the Fire Retardant to be used when near to heat sources such as fires and cookers and when cladding large areas internal or external.

We do not suggest that you put Easyfit Stone standard or fire retardant in continuous hot temperature as this may affect the product as in the case of other fire retardant products in general.

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