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Indian Autumn Translucent Sample Easyfit Stone - 200 x 200

Indian Autumn Translucent Sample Easyfit Stone - 200 x 200

Quick Overview

Indian Autumn Translucent Easyfit Stone veneer is one of the most vibrant of all the translucent stones and is used in such a huge array of applications from restaurant feature walls, bar fronts, kitchen backsplashes, shower and bathroom walls, feature walls internally and Externally. Indian Autumn rally does create an amazing light source which highlights the natural pattern of real stone. It is a textured light stone with pinks, coppers and green colours creating unique patterns within the stone. Easyfit translucent stone has a clear resin background which allows it to be backlit. Led strips, or panels can be placed behind the stone to create you that wow factor. The further the stone is away from the light source the better the distribution of light.

The translucent stone is a natural porous material and will require sealing should it be in an area of oils, grease and limescales


  • Base Colour: Beige
  • Real, natural stone surface
  • Backing: fibreglass
  • Thickness: approx. 2 mm
  • Sizes:
  • Weight: approx. 1.50 kg/m2
  • Abrasion Resistance ISO 10545-6, Chemical Resistance ISO 10545-13, Frost Resistance ISO 10545-12
  • All materials CE approved


EasyFit Stone is a new Innovation product using real stone that is millions of years old. Stone has been used for a long time to build and decorate our houses but now we have a product that is using real stone thinly scrapped off the rock face and appiled to a fiberglass backing. This gives you a light flexiable product that can be applied internaly or externaly, to walls, floors and wet rooms. This streaminly verstile product is well seasoned by the elements over thousands of years so therefore does not need any further protection or maintaining against sun or water.

Advatages using EasyFit Stone over orignal stone

  • Ultra Thin, 2 mm
  • High Flexibility
  • Super Light
  • Simple and varied applicability
  • Durability and Eco efficiency
  • Transportation cost is very low
  • Simple Cutting & Packaging
  • Harder & Stronger than slate

The Translucent EasyFit Stone comes in roles of 1220 x 610 mm / 2440 x 1220mm x 2mm thick and is easily adhered to different serfaces with the use of products such as PU-adhesive, Silicone, Epozy

Stone Vaneer can be easily worked with using simple tile cutting blades or sheet cutting scissors.

Additional Information

Size 1220 x 610 mm

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