Meet Avalana: The woman behind the brand.

Having worked for almost a decade through a variety of creative industries as an in-house designer and artist, I felt the time was now to take the lead in my own creative journey. In the Summer of 2018, Avalana was born from a watercolour set an Instagram account and a dream. Since then, I have been overwhelmed with the positive response and the opportunities I’ve had to create unique designs for clients all over the world. I am continuously inspired by the world around me, and always looking to expand my product range and push my creative boundaries. So, watch this space!


As we reach ever more concern over the loss of our natural habitats it is important to keep these beautiful places in our minds and at the forefront of conservation. With this in mind, we take immense pride in painting the natural habitats around the world and reflecting the exquisite details found within them. Each design tells its own story; prints & patterns draw inspiration from a blend of travels, folklore & nature.


We’re all about creating truly stunning hand-painted designs. Every Avalana design starts life as a sketch, which is then lovingly hand-painted in the Manchester-based studio. Now more than ever our homes and surroundings need to feel like a sanctuary. Our designs seek to inspire a sense of joy, wonderment and escapism. Each print is inspired by the extraordinary beauty of our natural world and aims to encapsulate that beauty into our designs, transforming your interior spaces.